Scotty's music is like an old patchwork quilt; warm and colourful; made up of the unique musical experiences in his storied career. He began touring as drummer in his late teens,  performing in American blues clubs and on the European blues circuit. After a decade on the road, and a Juno award nomination with The Perpetrators, Scotty stepped from behind the drums to craft his  soul blues meets country folk, sound. Scotty has put out three albums and has begun work on a new full length, due out in late 2017. 

Scotty divides his time between Vancouver Island, Calgary and Los Angeles, where he recently played the cities historical venue Hotel Cafe. Last year, Scotty took a train from Seattle to Detroit, to gain inspiration for his latest release "Nature Girl". In Detroit, he met L.J. Reynolds of the #1 selling Motown group The Dramaticsand legendary George Clinton alumni Tony Green. The collaboration inspired the soul ballad "I Want to Love You". 

As a songwriter, Scotty is always searching for fresh ways to say tell timeless stories. He is a multifaceted songwriter, having penned tunes for artists as diverse as Rihanna and Paul Oakenfold, and has written with artists like Haley Reinhart, Jerrod Bettis, and Deputy

As as performer, Scotty immediately puts the listener into a familiar place, with bitter sweet original songs and incredibly unique renditions of classic melodies. It's not uncommon to hear his character voice, read from the songbooks of artists like Ween, Miguel, Muddy Waters, Smoky Robinson, or The Beatles. He sprinkles these guilty pleasures throughout his soulful, energetic set. 

As an artist, Scotty is deeply inspired by the mysteries of our place here on earth. He is forever searching for truth in his stories and loves to paint with complex harmony. This provides a canvas for unforgettable melodies and poignant word play. His inspiration comes from the eclectic contrast of music in his house, growing up. Anita Baker would finish as Ricky Scaggs would begin. This polar balance of country and R&B, mixed with his passion for blues, gives Scotty's music an immeasurable uniqueness. 

Scotty has worked with Hubert Sumlin, Tony Green, Reignwolf, Shaun Verrault, Jody Williams, and has opened for Los Lobos, Teagan and Sarah, Taj Mahal, Chuck Berry, Jill and Mathew Barber, The North Mississippi Allstars,  The Guess Who, Jon and Roy, and the Sadies.